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Taylor Ames

The X Factor is a well-known global phenomenon; a panel of music pundits pluck a singer from obscurity and then make him a star. The UK X Factor 2012 has just finished and winner James Arthur is headed for the charts. Hes a young lad from north-east England was a great voice and a skilled musician, that what the contest should be all about.

Taylor Ames is another English lad, just 20 years old and already hoping to release an album in 2013. I make no bones about comparing Taylor to James Arthur because I think Taylor is much better. His single Souls is a self penned acoustic song with great folksy vocals and a banging chorus. I hope this track is released soon. I think Taylor is one to watch and wish him every luck.

Taylor has released an Free EP (Songs You Were Never Meant To Hear) with four songs including Souls. (The other tracks are Chapters, Wolves and Ashes To Ashes; The theme is very much about love lost) you can download it from here  - Songs You Were Never Meant To Hear

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