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Stephanie Sharp - The eBay Scriptwriter

For most of us eBay is all about finding a bargain or something to wear for a special occasion. You have probably seen newspaper stories about people auctioning whole towns or even themselves (though I seem to think that eBay has now clamped down on that).  Well, scriptwriter Stephanie Sharp has done one better and offered her script to producers wanting a horror project.

Stephanie Sharp is a published author with three books under her belt, on sale at Amazon (check out the link below). I love the idea of how independent artists can use the web to showcase their talents and marketing yourself by way of eBay is not only novel but worth a story somewhere.  Hey, I want to write a script about a lady who gets lucky by selling a screen play on ebay.  

The screen play itself is called  The Deadly Sins of Farmakeia, Stephanie has kindly added the full script to her Tripod site (link below).  I personally wouldn't trust Tripod with hosting my site. Anyway let's give you a synopsis.  Widowed  single parent Devon returns to her childhood home with her 11 year old son Billy.  The house close to a cemetery has seen better days and has lay empty for a year since Devon's brother Donnie disappeared and then the close death of her parents.  Devon and Billy are disturbed by a strange apparition of a sinister being which is somehow linked to Donnie's padlocked room.  Billy and School friend Mickey investigate the padlocked room one day when they find it mysteriously unlocked and find a Ouija board.  Later while Billy is elsewhere Mickey decides to show his girl friend Donna the creepy house and finding both the house and Donnie's room unlocked consult with the Ouija board which spells out "Where is Billy?".  Both the local police and the local Catholic priest show up at the house, both purporting to have interest in Donnie's disappearance.  At the time of Donnie's disappearance two other people also vanished and are presumably linked.  A friend of Donnie's called Ronnie Bishop turns up and while in the house tries to locate the key to the padlocked room which Billy manages to record on his web cam. A few days later, on a particularly stormy night (think the end scene of Amityville Horror, film buffs), while Billy is at Mickey's house on a sleep-over,  the local priest Father Bishop (no relation to Ronnie) turns up after having seen Donnie in a vision.  Father Bishop explains how Donnie became involved with two other youths who had formed a Satanic group.  The house being empty (Donnie's parents being somewhere else and later dying of heartbreak), the group force a young virgin girl up to Donnie's room to perform a Satanic sacrifice.  Donnie has second thoughts about sacrificing virgins and a scuffle takes place with both the Head Satanist and Donnie dying.  Ronnie manages to kill the virgin and dispose of the bodies, but with the scuffle and people dying all over the place, the ritual book got lost and the sacrifice wasn't acceptable to Satan.  Father Bishop warns Devon that Ronnie probably has Billy in his sights, so that he can seduce him into worshiping Lucifer and then sacrificing him because 11 year olds are gullible like that and Satan loves young flesh (actually Ronnie needs Billy because he is a living link to Donnie and somehow that will close the circle).  Speak of Satan arouses Ronnie's passion and he rushes over to the house to confront Father Bishop and Devon.  Then another scuffle takes place and Father Bishop knee-caps Ronnie with Devon's newly bought gun.  Leaving Ronnie to meet the death of Satanists and their Demons, Father Bishop and Devon head off to the burial site of Donnie which they have coaxed from Ronnie and Father Bishop makes pains to end Ronnie's days of purgatory (Strictly speaking all souls have 366 days of purgatory whether good or bad) and an apparition of Ronnie now clothed like an Angel appears and everybody gets some closure on the beastly business.  The narrator tells how the house burnt down to the ground soon after and that the plot remains empty. So presumably one could actually make a  sequel.

What did I think? Yeah, I could possibly imagine it showing on one of those Catholic cable channels.  It's got dogma and an Anti-Satanism morality to it. It's got too much dogma in it for it to have any universal appeal though.  The small town dialogue might appeal but a single mom with her friend around would be talking about more than unpacking boxes. Billy's not very excitable for an 11 year old but I'd say that his monosyllabic speech patterns are spot on.  Ronnie is just plain weird and Father Bishop needs to chill out. 

Stephanie Sharp's Youtube show-reel


A 2 and a half minute show reel of the basic ideas of the script (Youtube) 

I'm quite impressed with the idea of selling a script on eBay, people do it with all other medium of art, so why not a script.  Personally I'd want to protect it in some way with a contract, but I don't think that is really the point.  The point is that by putting it on ebay it grabbed my attention, so it probably will grab somebody else's attention.  You never know you might be seeing it on EWTN one evening.  

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