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The Roney Boys

The Roney Boys are three brothers, Israel (17), Isaac (13) and Ian (12).  They shot to Youtube fame by mistake.  Their dad made a video of them singing a song, posted the video on Youtube for their  mom to watch later and forgot to take it down.  After a while their dad noticed that lots of people were watching the video and fans inspired the trio to start uploading more of their covers.  Since then they have posted 45 videos to Youtube and were spotted by the son of a hit R 'n' B Producer, who thought they were so good he made an appointment to meet them.

Now that they have signed by top record producers Terry Lewis and Jimmy 'Jam' Harris, they have an album in the pipeline and made a few live performances across the US. The Youtube page has had a massive 6.5 million hits and it's only a matter of time before these accomplished musicians will be heading for bigger things. 

These kids truly have soul and clearly love music. We wish them the very best of luck.


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