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Reed Deming

Talent is a great gift. It is a gift that mankind has worshiped since we had brains large enough to appreciate art and beauty. I'm not going to wax lyrical about the internet opening up talent and how we should thank our lucky stars, there is of course a lot of none talent out there too. With showbusiness it's difficult to say who will succeed and who will be forgotten. Cody Simpson and Cory Moldenhauer are just two examples.

Reed Deming is a 14 year old kid from San Antonio, Texas. He first captured the world's imagination in Autumn 2012 when he appeared on the US X Factor. He got through to the Boot Camp stage under the watchful eye of Britney Spears, who herself has had a roller coaster ride with the ups and downs of celebrity.

Reed is an affable young singer with bags of confidence. Not the kind of precocious type of confidence that mimics maturity. This kid gets your attention before he opens his mouth to sing.

The internet as I oft repeat is a great way to praise real talent without putting anybody on a pedestal. I don't think Reed is ready to conquer the world yet but I'm sure that his kind of talent will shine for a long time. 

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