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Selling Your Music

Musician Plays Music and Dreams of selling his music

For any band or musician the internet has opened up a whole new of way of promoting yourself.  Rather than carrying stacks of CDs and then worrying about selling them after a gig there are countless ways to promote yourself.  Once you have recorded music that you are happy to share Soundcloud allow you 120 minutes of space to save your music which you can then share with you fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter.  Soundcloud acts as your shop window, unless people can reach your music for free they won't know how good you are.  Keep your eye on bloggers on twitter, even a small mention on a regularly updated blog will get you some hits to your site. If they mention you, let them know when you have new releases.

Once you have a fanbase, you may want to start making some money out of your music. This is a big step and can be expensive for a new struggling band.  Making money on the internet isn't just about recording a few decent tracks and crossing your fingers.  You need help behind you and this is where a distributor like Songcast can help.  Not only will they distribute your music on itunes, amazon, spotify and all the major mp3 retailers, but you'll get all the help with marketing your music.

How Much does it cost?

Say you want to sell an album (That's any collection of your songs) your upfront fee is $19.99 (12.50) and that you choose to market it with SongCast for 6 months (that's $5.99 (3.75) per month) for the total 6 months that would cost $55.93 (35). Don't worry there is no contract to worry about, you can pay one month at a time, but it supposes that 6 months is a reasonable time for an album to get noticed. For each album you sell you expect to get $6 (3.75), so to break even you would need to sell 10 copies of your album. Can you sell 10 albums or more in 6 months? If you think you can, then it's definitely time to consider selling your music commercially.

The same goes for a single, the upfront fee is $9.99 (6.25) and your monthly fees of $5.99 (3.75), for the first month your fees would be $15.98 (10) and you would expect to get 60c (38p) for each single you sell, to break even in the first month you would have to sell 27 copies of your single, after that if you sell over 10 copies of your single you'll soon see the money accumulating. The monthly fee of $5.99 (3.75) is charged if you have 1 single or 50 singles, it's just a matter of what you think you can sell.  Check out the site at Soundcast.  

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