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Midnight Red

Midnight Red

Almost since the beginning of pop music, America has always produced boy bands.  Every decade has had it's own boy band who have left behind their music but a unique snapshot of society at the time of their creation.  Think The Monkees in the 1960s, The Osmonds in the 1970s, New Kids On The Block and N-Sync.  Each group leaves a unique footprint mirroring the youth of its age.

Midnight Red were formed in 2009 by Pete Farmer and inspired outstanding record producer RedOne (who has worked with some of the biggest urban R and B artists) to join the team. After several nationwide tours they released their first single "One Club At A Time" in the summer of 2011 (reaching #4 in the Billboard Dance Chart), followed by "Hell Yeah" in summer 2012.

The boys are:-  Anthony (18, Seattle), Thomas (19, Arlington TX), Eric (19, Burbank CA), Joey (21, Los Angeles) and Colton (22, Buffalo NY).  Watching "Hell Yeah", one gets a feel for the group.  The tune is pure bubble-gum pop with an European electro-beat to it.  This is music which won't make your head explode, it's not supposed to, this is music to create an instant happy buzz. 

Midnight Red will be touring during the summer 2013 (Orlando, Atlanta, Boston, Toronto and Los Angeles) as part of the Pop Explosion & Teen Music Festival.

These are good looking boys next door, they've got all the fun-factor of One Direction and they're homegrown American boys. The future looks bright for these boys and hopefully their album will see them reach beyond the shores of the States.

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