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Kayleb James


The joy of a blog is the freedom to write about things one likes. There are enough review sites out there filled with pithy comments about how people have had an awful experience with something or someone. So why not wax lyrical about something you actually like.

So let me introduce Kayleb James, not only is he dashing but he's a rather good musician. He's 20 and hails from Oregon. He's been playing music since he was just two years of age, so he's had plenty of time to find his musical bent. How would I describe his music? Funky. I can go a little bit better than that, here are a few notes on a couple of his tracks I listened to:

Around Here (2:56)

This is a funky jazz fusion of a tune and Kayleb really lets rip with a soulful voice.

Rainy Day (3:19)

A Sunday afternoon love ballad. Just imagine sitting on your veranda watching the rain. It's a pretty song with cutesy lyrics and the waves of a dreamy acoustic guitar. This is the poem everyone wishes they had written.

The style is very different. This isn't Justin Bieber, there is something far more original here than just a kid with a guitar. Kayleb is something special, uniquely special. I can't see him having mass appeal, but what I see is longevity. This boy won't go away.

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