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'Boyfriend' Covers

Justin Bieber is part of internet lore.  He was the kid whose mom posted videos of him to Youtube and suddenly he became the world's most viewed artist.  He is the ultimate hero for a whole generation (and beyond). I like Justin Bieber although I think he should slow down on the body art. I like the record Boyfriend , it's a simple melody and includes the immortal line "I could be your Buzz Lightyear, Fly across the globe". That surely takes some swag to sing.

John From Jedward

John Grimes is half of Dublin brother act Jedward with his twin Edward (John and Edward,  geddit?). He's 21 and outrageously quirky. The boy is possibly hyperactive. But we love him. 


Matty B Raps

Matthew Morris is 10 years old and seems to have been spinning around Youtube forever.  He's got a huge following amongst his Bee-boys and Bee-girls and this is his take on JB's track. 

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