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Harrison Houde Is Finding Stuff Out

The Idea is simple. Create a show where kids can ask a science question and find out the answer in a fun way.  Throw in a curve ball, make the show's presenter a 15 year old boy. Interlace the sections of the show with the presenter singing and you have Finding Stuff Out.

First broadcast in Spring 2012 on TVO Kids, Finding Stuff Out has run for two seasons and has been syndicated on children's television around the world, including a twice daily feature on Britain's Pop channel (Sky 606 and Freesat 603). 

The show opens with presenter Harrison Houde singing the title song ("My name is Harrison And this is my show..."). For many producers leaving a 20 minute show in the hands of a 15 year old boy might seem a departure from the Canon of children's television, but here it works; It works because this is a quirky show with a feel good factor.

The target audience is middle school around 8 to 12 year olds, but the appeal is universal if you want to learn a fact or two. The science isn't just school text book, it's a little broader than that. Each episode the theme is decided by a kid asking a pre-recorded science question ("Hey, why is the sky blue?"), this is then broken up into three or four sections dealing with topics around the original theme.  In the segments, Harrison may have a studio guest or travel to a Zoo or interview some kids. He genuinely feels interested in finding out the answers himself. There are a few demonstrations of science in action (mostly simple physics and no explosions) and Harrison seems to be having fun making the show. .Some of the sections are broken  with a song or Harrison on the drums or synthesizer.  Finally, there is a grand finale and Harrison winds up the show by giving the answer to the initial question. 

So who is Harrison Houde? Well a quick look on Google reveals he is 17 years old (March 26, 1996), he appeared in The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid as the first victim of The Cheese Touch and a couple of other small parts on television.  He has a penchant for plasticity in his facial expressions. Other than that he is quite an accomplished video producer (and musician), with his own Youtube channel, Turnip Time Entertainment.

Maybe the next Fred or Sam Pepper? I'm not sure, but I am sure he is destined for bigger things.

Jude Law started off as a kid's TV host on The Pocket Money Show; Talent shines through. I asked him for a signed headshot but unfortunately he priced himself out of the market. I'll get one when he is properly famous.

Harrison completed his first feature film called Haxors 2050 in early 2013. It's a Science fiction movie set in a future where a bad government knows everything we do. You can watch the full film on Haxors 2050.

Fun Facts About Harrison

Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Likes: Internet, photography and making videos

Dislikes: Spiders and wasps

Favourite Food: Chinese Food / Noodles

Favourite Snack: Potato Chips

Favourite Place: California, USA


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