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Fight The Dice

Anybody who listens to music will instinctively use another band as a reference point when trying to get the feel of a band. It should of course be a piece of cake, right? Every band must have some influences. Today I found it painfully difficult to pinpoint the influences on Fight The Dice.

Fight The Dice are a five piece rock group from Shropshire based in Britain’s second city Birmingham. Formed within the last year they’ve already released an EP and single and gigged throughout the country. The midlands is the home British rock and Fight The Dice are not a boyband who happen to play guitars. This is gutsy in your face guitar music.

Here is the latest single ‘Bad Decisions’ – It’s a bit more poppier than the tracks on the EP and lead singer Ben Jackson sounds like a young Fergal Sharkey. With tracks like this, I think we’ll be seeing more of Fight The Dice in 2013.

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