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The Brothers Dube

It isn't everyday you get thanked for following somebody on Twitter, so I decided to find out a little bit more about whom I had followed.  Along with the thank-you was the invitation to download some of their tracks, so I give you The Brothers Dube (there might be a joke there Michael McDonald and The Doobie Brothers?)


The Brothers Dube are: Liam 16, Jan 14 and Quinn 12 years of age. They hail from the city of Ottawa in Canada and have been playing music since 2006.  They posted some tracks their mom liked on Youtube and following her sad death after struggling with cancer in 2008, they went on to raise over $100,000 for charities.

They have just brought out their first album recorded in a professional studio and have come up with some grown up tracks.  Iíve only listened to the four tracks and what I heard was certainly different.

 As Good As Pain

This has a strong heavy metal/Rock introduction.  The music is raw and banging with lyrics about a lost love.  This is grown up rock.

 My Girlfriendís Lover

This is Teeny pop that girls can dance to.  Itís definitely a hit.

 One (The title track from their One album)

Itís a breathy ballad, which slowly moves into a funky Cajun beat.  Thereís a lot going on here and some great harmonies towards the end.


Iím still undecided whether I like it or not.  This is the type of song you hear at the end of an album and when itís over want to listen to the happier funkier tunes at the beginning of the album.

This is all good stuff and the boys deserve some credit for their talent.  It would be great to see them have some success after losing their mom at such a young age.  Listening to some of the tracks I donít think youíd believe that the oldest brother is only 16.  They are a lot heavier that the Hanson Brothers and their Mmm Bop and I hope they find their feet with a sound that fits them. Knowing that such diverse artists as Blink 182 and Led Zepplin inspire them, it isnít surprising that they are comfortable with lots of different sounds.  Hopefully they can blend it into something that is truly their unique fingerprint.

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