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Dominic Scott Riccitello

On Twitter there are 54,000 verified accounts out of a world population of 6 billion. On Twitter you get a blue tick if you are popular enough to attract copycat accounts who want to mimic your celebrity status. Having a verified account is a big deal - it means you are in the public consciousness,  somewhere. When Dominic Riccitello followed me, I set out to discover who he was.

Iím not familiar with a lot of celebrities, so I rely on Wikipedia to find out what they are famous for. The rules of Wikipedia notability cause endless debate amongst editors and far more BLP (Biographies of living People) entries are speedily deleted than any other category. The notability criteria is short and sweet ďA person is presumed to be notable if he or she has been the subject of multiple published secondary sources which are reliable, intellectually independent of each other and independent of the subjectĒ. That is in a nutshell, if they havenít been written about by The New York Times or The BBC, then they donít deserve an entry on Wikipedia. Dominic Riccitello hasnít got a Wikipedia entry, (the entry has been created numerous times since October 2007 but has been deleted by editors) but I didnít give up hope. Dominicís Twitter biography lists a website , so I clicked on the link and was met by :

 We live in a world where anonymity is the key to keeping yourself. ... we live in a world where anonymity is the key to keeping yourself.

Accompanying the profound text was a flash image of a handsome young devil moving across my screen.  Well, it didnít tell me anything about Dominic Riccitello, but the clue was obviously there. Dominic Riccitello is an enigma. The keywords in the meta offer a tantalising name, Luke Taylor, but without context.

Google is my friend even for enigmata, I found the deleted wikipedia entry which didnít tell me very much, Dominic Riccitello popped into the internet stratosphere in 2006 joing Myspace under a number of assumed names, he created a fandom of over 40,000 and is famed for being mysterious.  That told me nothing. A quick whois check shows that Dominicís website was created in December 2007. So back to Google, I found out in August 2007 he signed up for model mayhem, this guy is fantastically good looking, so that makes sense, but no clues here apart from heís 5í11Ē, 140lbs and takes size 11 shoes.  At this point I gave up.

Whoever Dominic Riccitello is, we know heís very good looking and attracts followers.  He doesnít have to say very much in order to do it.  Did I learn very much from my search? Not really, but one thing is, itís a name Iíll remember.


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