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Dalton Cyr

Genius is not a word which anybody should overuse.  Genius cannot be bought nor taught, it is a sacred gift which very few are graced with. Step forward 12 year old Florida schoolboy Dalton Cyr.  He's talented beyond doubt, he started playing the guitar at 7 years of age and by the time he was barely 12, he'd written an album and toured several states in the the U.S. With a strong soulful voice this boy could sing the lead on Broadway.  During the of spring 2013 he worked with hit  producer Paul Fox and lay down some new tracks with an EP expected in the summer. Staying close to music, Dalton won a distinguished scholarship place to the Prodigy Camp in Seattle, WA where he is able to spend time with mentors who can rein in some of Dalton's exuberant talent.

For Dalton music is about art and the music on the radio doesn't mean much to him.  The music on the radio is the same tracks played over and over again, not that they deserve credit, but the artists are popular. This kid writes with insight and sings with passion.  If they are the virtues of a genius, Dalton is just that.  Dalton's self penned album "I'll Be There" is available to buy now online.


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