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The Chase


Britain is lucky to still have a vibrant music scene. One can pick up a newspaper on a Friday and still pick and choose from two dozen bands to watch for the price of a pint, every night of the week. Some groups make it and other band members drift off into other groups. It's a very fluid music scene and exciting to see the progress of the bands.

The age of a flyer in the the pub or a poster in a students' union is long behind us. Twitter and Facebook are the new digital cork-boards, albeit sometimes there is a an information overload.

Anyway, I've found a Portsmouth band (via Twitter) and had a listen to some of their tracks this morning. My Saturday morning hangovers are a distant memory, so Saturday mornings are my little time to reflect.

The Chase are a four piece Indie guitar band hailing from Portsmouth, with Michael Turvey as lead vocalist. From what I've heard there is a big 60s influence, not the flower power psychedelic 60s, this is the 1960s Hollies or Animals and throw in Dell Shannon for good measure. Musical influence is everything that defines a band, the art is blending it together into something unique and not sounding like a back street version of Oasis.

The tracks I listened to were:


This is Indie pop at its best. Close vocal harmonies, great instrumental and lasts all of 2 minutes. The end of love is the theme here, hapless young man, caught up in a relationship where love is lost to manipulation despite pangs for the joys of the halcyon days of romance. Judging by the track listing on Soundcloud this is one of their earliest recordings.

All Or Nothing (Live at Wemfest)

This is a nod to the Small Faces (before they ultimately became hippies). The guitar work is as good as it gets and flawless considering it's a live performance. Uniquely, lead singer Michael Turvey sings the song in his own style without mimicking Steve Marriott's bluesy twang.

The band have a huge selection of tracks on Soundcloud, so follow the link below and give them a listen.

External Links:

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