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Benjamin Lasnier

Benjamin with guitar

One day in June 2013, a 14 year old boy in Denmark woke up to his One millionth follower on Instagram.  Instagram if you don't already know is the cell phone app that allows one to quickly take a picture, edit it with some pretty filters and post it to your admiring friends.  Most people have just a few followers, but not for Benjamin Lasnier he has  a million and the figure is growing hourly.

For Benjamin,  creating an Instagram account in April 2012 went uneventful. His cousin had one, so why not join the fun? Like Facebook, he could post pictures, but Instagram opens up the world far more than a picture on Facebook shared by a few friends.  With his boyish good looks and Justin Bieber hair, something struck his fans across the globe and by Autumn 2012, he had already crossed 250,000 followers.  By the time, I found out about him in January 2013, this was half a million.

So who is Benjamin Lasnier? He loves clothes but he's not a fashion model (although if a company sends him clothes he is happy to wear them in one of his pictures).  He loves Music but he isn't a musician (well, he is learning to play the guitar, is under management by Sony Records but there are no definite plans for a career.).  He loves Basketball, but his diminutive size might make it a little difficult just now to make a career of it. Benjamin Lasnier is a phenomenon of our age, a photogenic boy who loves to post pictures and be noticed.

As for girls, when he spends time in Copenhagen, he gets swamped by girls.  He's had to change his cell phone number several times and his mum has to unplug the family phone at 8pm just so the family can get some peace. 

Six months ago when I first wrote about Benjamin, I didn't expect it to be the most viewed page on my site. Some of the search queries that leads people to the page range from queries about his date of birth to his cell phone number.  I can't think of many 14 year old boys who aren't on screen stars who attract so much attention.  I don't know what the future holds for Benjamin, but whatever it is, I wish him luck and good guidance.

Screenshot of Benjamin's Instagram

Fact File:


Birthday: 2nd April 1999 (15 years) 

Star Sign: Aries

 Height: 170 cm (5ft 7inches)

Weight: 49 kg 

Hair color: Brown 

Eye Color: Blue 

Favourite food: Sushi and pepperoni pizza 

Favourite School Subject: Physical Education 


Favourite movie: Avatar and Never Say Never (The Justin Bieber Tour) 

Favourite Musician and Idol: Justin Bieber Favourite book: Eragon: Book One (The Inheritance cycle) by Christopher Paolini 

Best holiday destination: Monaco 

Prized Possession: iPhone 

Favorite Sports: Working Out and Basketball

Dream Girl: Megan Fox (and his fans) 

Home Telephone Number: Unplugged

Music Update:

Benjamin Lasnier released his first single You've Got My Number on Christmas Day 2014.
Since this article was last updated way back in May 2013, Benjamin has been crafting his musical skills and on Christmas Day 2014, he released his first single You've Got My Number.  On it's very first day it reached number 88 on the Danish Music Download charts on itunes, beating some classic christmas tracks.
You've Got My Number on Youtube
You've got my number is a catchy little bubblegum pop song with cool production, giving it an American feel, without going overkill on auto-tune. This is pop music for the instagram generation and it's happy, bouncy lyrics bring a smile. Let's hope there are some more tracks on the way to keep us entertained.


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Benjamin's single You've Got My Number only 79p on Amazon


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