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About The Site

Soundtop is the latest in a line of websites I have created over the years.  The idea is simple, it's a personal web space but not a blog. With this in mind I've reduced some of the background noise from previous sites and I have tried to categorize each page. The first articles have been lifted, with minor adjustments from the old website. With that in mind the site can be summed up by (a) I don't write regularly enough to gain a blog following; (b) The topics of most of the entries deserve more than a fleeting blog entry; (c) My old fashioned internet layout makes me smile. One major change, with the proliferation of touch sensitive devices is more of a focus on graphic and finger friendly hypertext links.

The purpose of the site is to give a boost to something that I found particularly good on the internet.  That might be a niche rock band, a new singer or even an advert. If I can't find much information about them on the web and I like something, then the chances are that I'll make a page about them. There are lots of sites out there who are brutally honest about their dislike of something or somebody.  If I don't like something, I just don't write about it. Articles are deliberately kept under 500 words, as more often than not a Youtube video can say much more than 10,000 words.

Legal Stuff

Soundtop as a whole has a Creative Commons Share-alike licence. You are free to use any original content as long as you link back or name the site as a source.

The domain was available and a quick google search showed that there were no companies with the name soundtop.  Any resemblance to the name of a company with a similar name is coincidental.

This is a family friendly site and with the exception of mild swear words there is no obscenity on this site. Where links are given, I have checked sites at the time of writing , but like everything on the web, the content there may change at short notice. 

The logo was made in collaboration with several people, it's organic creation occurred over several days and as far as we can see it is entirely original. Any resemblance to the trademarks of any organization or individual is unintentional.  

Where no copyright free images were available, I have used slightly modified low resolution photographs which readily appear on social media.  I use these for entirely illustrative purposes and do not claim to own all or part of the copyright of the images.  The fair use of copyrighted images is recognized in many jurisdictions, but I am happy to remove copyright material if the owner contacts me. The owner can use the contact form at the bottom of the page or email me directly at email anytime and explain what is at issue.

Finally, I hope you found something of interest here. Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions or comments, good or bad.

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